Saturday Night BBQ at The Intercontinental

Saturday Night BBQ at The Intercontinental
Saturday Night BBQ at The Intercontinental

The Saturday night BBQ at The Intercontinental is amidst a romantic setting on the beach front with live music adding to the tropical ambiance. Every Saturday, a sumptuous BBQ takes place with plenty of good food and fresh seafood to enjoy. We were gallantly accompanied by lobby personal to the beach front where our reserved table was waiting. For a mere THB 1490 ++ per person and an additional THB 900 for a free flow beer and wine, you have the most complete BBQ dinner available in Hua Hin. A large selection of entrees, salads and bread gets you started.

A wine of your choice is served at the table. We chose a cool white wine as an aperitif and cooling companion as we enjoyed our appetizers. Our beachfront Chef grilled the Black Angus steaks over a charcoal fire medium rare as I requested it. The incomparable taste of Angus beef is by far my favourite as I also remember the fantastic Sunday brunch we had a few weeks ago. If made to choose between a Wagyu steak or Black Angus, my choice would go out to Black Angus, lean and juicy.

Our chef also grilled New Zealand Lamb and free range chicken to the perfection. Red wine was in place his time to match the beef and lamb. King Prawns, crab and shrimp with a fresh catch of the day rounded off the protein part of this BBQ. Fresh salads and other steamed vegetables took care of our intake of carbohydrates. With the present fashion of detox and juicy vegetable diets I felt a bit guilty of slightly overdoing my normal appetite only to discover fortunately that you only live once (yes Mr. Bond !) and this doesn´t happen every day. We really enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the music by Benjamin, Anna and partner.

A complimentary coconut based dessert composition is offered but a selection of fruit and ice cream is on standby as well. All together, a great evening with not much to desire for. Kids can walk around freely and the bonfire with a pillowed sofa around it would take care of honeymooners, lovers alike looking at the stars, the Gulf of Siam and our loved ones. It is wise to make reservations well in advance as it looked pretty much booked out that Saturday. For more information contact: + 66 (0) 32 616 999 or Email: