Shoreline Beach Club Treat


The Shoreline Beach Club is a superb beach-front restaurant with a stylish wine bar that has its own classy signature. Managed by Amari Hua Hin, the Club was once named one of the best beach restaurants on Khao Takiab’s sandy beach and is a very suitable place for families and friends to dine and unwind.

There is usually a glowing evening atmosphere where you can gaze at the sunset touching the sea on the horizon. Every Friday evening the club prepares a delicious BBQ meal, paired with exquisite beverage and tops it up with sweet melodies serenading you, just to complete your dining experience.

Hua Hin residents surely would be tempted to visit the Club as it regularly organise new exciting events. Last December, I was honoured to be invited to their exceptional wine- tasting event. Sponsoring the occasion was the wine company Italthai who provided selective wines for Shoreline and for me to try.

To freshen me up from a busy afternoon routine was a sip of Sartori Prosecco, followed by Sartori Pinot Grigio which had a distinctive character of its own. Later assorted cheese, sashimi and quality cold-cuts were served which was timely to reset my taste buds.

Then I was ready again for more wine tasting: Georges Duboeuf Syrah Rose was poured into my glass which did not disappoint with its tempting aroma and natural taste. There were more wines on display ready to be served like Georges Duboeuf Cabernet Sauvignon and my personal choice of Georges Duboeuf Sauvignon Blanc.

Nothing easily compared to what I experienced at the beach Club that memorable evening. What a well-deserved treat it was!

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