Showcases Thailand’s Golfing Experience

Showcases Thailand’s Golfing Experience
Showcases Thailand’s Golfing Experience

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has hosted the Thailand Golf Travel Mart (TGTM) 2017 in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand where golf tour operators and buyers from key international markets met with suppliers and golf course owners from across Thailand.

More than 150 buyers from 32 countries signed up to attend the TGTM 2017 with the majority being from Asia (65 buyers) and the ASEAN region (48 buyers). In addition, 31 buyers attended from Europe and three from the USA. There were around 95 local sellers representing Thai golf courses, tour operators, hotels and travel agents attending to sell their services.

The Thailand Golf Paradise seminar, hosted by TAT and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), was joined by Thai and foreign experts to share their valuable experiences in the golf industry including ‘Wake Up Call for the Golf Industry‘ by Mr. Mark Siegel; ‘Best Practice: Olympic 2016‘ by Mr. Neil Clevery; ‘Understand Your Course‘ by Dr.  Micah Woods, and ‘Sustainable Golf in Thailand‘ by Mr. Pirapon Namart. The session had about 135 people attending. TGTM 2017 showcased Thailand as a world-class golf destination, with its amazing courses that show beautiful scenery while offering world-class amenities and famously friendly Thai caddies.

The event helped to create new opportunities for Thai golf business operators allowing them to promote their services to vital foreign markets. To ensure the best exposure for sellers and give them the chance to meet a wide array of buyers, the TGTM 2017 hosted pre-scheduled appointment matching program and speeddating.  Soraya Homchuen, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand in Mumbai commented, “Golf is big business in Thailand as the country has some of the best class golf courses.

TGTM 2017 was a great opportunity for Thailand’s golf industry to show the world why Thailand is such an amazing golf destination while attracting new golfers to play and enjoy the legendary Thai hospitality and unique local experiences. We hope that evolved Indian travelers will come to Thailand to enjoy the Amazing Golfing experience.”