Songkran ‘Family Fun Fest’

Songkran ‘Family Fun Fest’
Songkran ‘Family Fun Fest’

Songkran at Cha-Am took on a new look this year with the Songkran Family Fun Fest at the viewpoint  and the theme “Live Laugh and Learn”.  This was three days (and nights) of family activities including live concerts, magic shows and kids’ activities commencing with the traditional Thursday float parade

Opening proceedings, a long parade of colorful floats was an eclectic mix of the traditional and less traditional floats. Without a suggestion of official restriction, this year’s Songkran parade had a much more family friendly feel, free from the constant attention of marauding ‘face painters’ or iced showers. Bystanders were unlikely to stay dry, but sprayed by giggling children with water filled bowls or small water guns rather than the unwelcomed attention of those intent on causing as much discomfort as possible. If this is the model for future Songkran parades, it certainly will be welcomed as the friendliest Songkran around.

Apart from the main ‘viewpoint’ festival venue, Narathip Road was lined on one side with market cabanas offering a smorgasbor

d of offerings, perhaps less intrusive than has been seen on past occasions. Plenty of room to be seated and consider the mingling crowd while enjoying your choice of delicacies.

After the recent International Kite Festival and moves to ensure a less congested beach, Songkran and the ‘Family Fun Fest’ has shown why Cha-Am is continuing to be one of the most family friendly places to be. ‘