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Stamford International University Hua Hin
Stamford International University Hua Hin
Stamford International University Hua Hin
Stamford International University Hua Hin

Becoming Even More International

In July 2013 Hua Hin Today reported on the commencement of the Bilingual Program at Stamford International University Hua Hin. The basic strategy of this Program has been to progressively increase the English language skills of students and confidence in using English throughout their years of study. This means intensive English language study together with the increasing use of English in other units until the final stages are delivered entirely in English.

The uptake of this program and successful outcomes for students has allowed the University to announce the commencement of an International Bachelor’s Degree Program with the first intake in July this year. The Stamford International University Hua Hin campus will then offer International Bachelor Degree programs in International Business Management and International Hotel Management. Admissions are likely to be from a many different countries from all continents. At the university’s Rama 9 campus in Bangkok over 80 different countries are represented, a diversity that is likely to continue in the new Hua Hin campus programs. Another strategy is to allow more seamless movement of students between all three campuses managed by Stamford; that is Hua Hin, Rama 9 and the Asoke Campus, also in Bangkok.

Admissions requirements for the International Graduate Program include an English language proficiency test; however as the university also offers the Laureate English Program, students needing improve their English language ability can also be accommodated prior to admission to the Bachelor Program. Another focus of the new program is industry partnerships with recognition of the need for students to be career ready. Our visit to Stamford last month included conversations with Assistant President Pierre Bourgoin and the Academic Director for Undergraduates Richard Meaders as well as a tour of the campus provided by Khun Benjamas Uamsa-Ard, the Director of Public Relations and Student Affairs. We also joined these staff members and students during an assessment of student projects. Students had been given the task of presenting a vision for improvements to the campus. They weren’t short of imaginative ideas including automated underground car parking and the use of Segway transport. Budget considerations weren’t a part of the students’ brief, so grandiose was OK.

The increasing emphasis on an international focus for regional education from primary to tertiary levels shows recognition of the growing importance of English language skills in a global world. The benefits of this focus will inevitably flow to members of the local community by attracting an increasing influx of international students but also giving Hua Hin residents, both Thai and those from other countries, access to education of an international standard to equip them for a modern world. Our thanks for the warm welcome and introduction to the new model of international education soon to come to the Stamford International University Hua Hin.

Footnote: The Stamford International University Hua Hin Campus was established in 1995 and is a member of the Laureate International Universities network which connects 80 institutions in 28 countries. The name recognises Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore and not to be confused with Stanford University USA, located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, a leading teaching and research university. For further information: www.stamford. edu.

Email Admissions Manager Khun Sitthiphon Nunsuk (Eddie; fluent English and Thai languages)
Phone: 66 (0) 032442 322-23
Location: Just north of the airport tunnel follow the signs towards Palm Hills Golf Course as well as to Stamford. Follow the road circling the golf course to the campus grounds.