Staying the Night ‘On-Course’ at Banyan

Staying the Night ‘On-Course’ at Banyan
Staying the Night ‘On-Course’ at Banyan


Staying the Night ‘On-Course’ at Banyan
Staying the Night ‘On-Course’ at Banyan

A night in luxury at a Banyan Golf Course Club Suite

It’s true to say there are a number of regional golf courses where it’s possible to stay the night within walking distance of the first tee, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before. The Club Suites at Banyan are literally part of the Club house complex, yet even regular players at the course may not be aware they exist. The entrance is up a short flight of steps alongside the Club House entrance walkway; discreet, unremarkable and largely unnoticed.

The design follows the Ayutthaya inspired traditional Thai style with the suites a part of the original club house design completed in 2008 rather than an addition or after-thought. On this higher level you’ll find a stone and timber deck and an expansive view over the award winning golf course emerges. The scenic vista from the lower level of the clubhouse restaurant and Mulligan’s Pub is impressive enough and a big part of the appeal of Banyan, but this is on a higher plane.

You’ll gaze over the Mulligan’s roof top Your view over the first nine holes can be enjoyed without interruption from an outside Jacuzzi or while relaxing in your own pavilion or ‘Sala’. Golfers into the distance will be oblivious; it’s a very private setting. The best views may be of the evening sunset or the clarity of sunrise before an early tee time. Inside the suite you’ll find the extensive use of teak timber with substantial structural beams, flooring and furnishings continuing the traditional Thai design elements.

There’s no shortage of modern luxury fittings, but you feel as though you are staying in an updated version of an ancient Thai palace. There is any number of scenarios for golfers to consider as motivation for a night or two at the Club Suites. First imagine the situation when you are joining a big event which involves some after game celebrations.

The four kilometres of winding entry road to Banyan should always be travelled with some caution and due care. After a drink or three and a tiring day of golf, driving back in the dark may not be such a good idea. Staying the night will means carefree celebrations and peace of mind before a good night’s sleep. After all the pineapple fields alongside the entry road are not user friendly for an unplanned vehicle excursion! We were told of one avid golfer with a dilemma. His invitation to play at Banyan coincided with a wedding anniversary. The answer was to suggest to his wife a romantic night away, without after hours distractions.

He suggested that she could relax by the Jacuzzi during the day, enjoying the view with room service for fine food and drinks ……….. …………………… but he could also play golf, a perfect solution for the couple. We met one golfing fanatic who stayed for two nights and played 36 holes of golf each day; by himself. He just wanted to immerse himself in golf for a few days without interruptions. He could even continue the theme with the large screened TV fixed on the golf channel before drifting into sleep. As a Sydney taxi driver, he was a slightly eccentric character who relished the ‘golf-only’ experience; something to boast about back home.

About The Club Suites

– Bookings are always a good idea although you may get lucky if staying is an impromptu idea.
– Check in and out times will be dependent on other guests. It may be possible to check in before your tee time or check out after the game, you’ll need to enquire. If necessary the staff can always take care of your nongolfing items with care.
– Extra beds can be arranged for children with plenty of room in the suite.
– An hourly free shuttle service can be booked to and from downtown Hua Hin. Costs: The full cost (including breakfast) in the high season is 5,500 THB per night or with green fees 7,000 THB. Banyan Members may qualify for reduced costs. Guests will also enjoy reduced green fees.
– Enquiries and Bookings: reservations@banyanthailand. com