Stearns By Name; Not Stern By Nature

Stearns By Name; Not Stern By Nature
Stearns By Name; Not Stern By Nature

The Power of Love International Church in Hua Hin has moved forward into a new era with the arrival of newly appointed Pastors, Thomas and Jennifer Stearns,  from the USA.  However, stern just doesn’t fit as a description for these two warm, generous and passionate additions to the Hua Hin Christian community.

Founder Andrew Stocks and staff welcome the new Pastors to  the Power of Love Hua Hin Pastor Thomas says, “My wife and I have personality differences, but we share similar interests.  Our similarities are: we are passionate about God and His people, we love to serve the community, we are lighthearted and enjoy laughing a lot.  My wife is a great encourager and loves to build up others, particularly women.  Her compassion is amazing.”

Pastor Thomas says, “We have known for about four years now that we had a calling in our lives to be missionaries.  We were actually praying for such an opportunity while we were in the US.  Once this door opened up for us, we decided to make a dramatic move of faith to Thailand.  We plan to stay here as long as God tells us to, until our mission is complete.”

The ‘mission’ includes many plans for the Power of Love Church.  Pastor Thomas says, “We are in the process of creating new ministries such as, a men’s ministry entitled Men of God, as well as a women’s ministry entitled Women of God.  We also plan to start a marriage ministry and a prayer ministry.

Sunday Church Service at the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

December is the month of Christmas, a most significant celebration on the Christian calendar. The Power of Love International Church welcomes both the usual congregation (expected to be around 140) and anyone who wishes to participate. Pastor Thomas says, “We are a non-denominational Christian church. Anyone is welcome to our church. You don’t have to be Christian to join in fellowship with us. God invites everyone to come, and so do we.” Funding continues to be a crucial element in The Power of Love Organisation’s progress. The Church is reliant on donations and sponsorships. Expanding the capacity of the Children’s Home, and supporting the new Senior Pastors (they are essentially unsalaried volunteers), remain unfunded. Sponsorship from the Hilton Hotels & Resorts allows access to and use of the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa for church worship. Although gratefully accepted, in an ideal world, an independent church building would be preferred, any good ideas?

Where: Weekly Church Service takes place at the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa, every Sunday at 10 AM. The Power of Love Children’s Home is located at Soi CJ Minimart, Khao Takiab, Hua Hin.

For more information: Call 032 907 456 or visit Footnote: On leaving our discussion, I asked Pastor Thomas whether he would prefer to be called Thomas, Tom or even Tommy; he prefers “Thomas”. Andrew then quipped, “Maybe Barack and Michelle”. Yes, there is some resemblance to the Obamas; those charismatic US political figures!