Strict Rules and Regulations for Dormitories

Hua Hin Ranked as the 2015 Best City To Retire Overseas in Asia
Hua Hin Ranked as the 2015 Best City To Retire Overseas in Asia

Hua Hin Municipality has measures to take care of the dormitory business, which requires the assistance and care of the living conditions of students who live in private dormitories and is creating standards for dormitory operators and those involved in such sectors. The area around the school must be a good environment.

The dormitory must provide services and provide good and safe living conditions for its residents so as to be trusted by parents. The dormitory operators should strictly comply with the standards and laws and conduct business according to the law governing private dormitory standards for students. 5 key areas:

  • The room must have a standard,
  • A standard of service areas and facilities,
  • A standard of structure and safety of dormitory buildings,
  • A standard of service regulation,
  • A standard for learning support systems

The dormitory operators must strictly comply with the Dormitory Act 2015 and for dormitory operators who have changed their service characteristics can be reported at the Social Welfare Division Hua Hin Municipality. For more information, please call 0-3251-1047 ext. 219 and 221 on official days and hours.

And in the case of changing the dormitory building structure reports can be made at the Hua Hin Municipal Engineering Office. For more information, call 0-3251-1047 ext. 301 on the official days and hours.