Strong Women in a Man’s World

Strong Women in a Man’s World
Strong Women in a Man’s World

The position of women in general has and still is unequal in the world today. I am not talking about physical equality but the mere presence of women, holding positions of power, in the workforce.

It is here that you see the scale bending towards the male side instead of being balanced equitably when it comes to women in senior management positions and pay scales. Being a working mother myself it takes quite some management skills to keep the household continuing in a satisfied way while remaining present at work. Of course, one might argue, why women want to work and be a mother at the same time but bear in mind that that is sometimes not a choice for single working women.

We all want to feel valued in the things we do, might that be a stay at home mother or a working mother and being valued for the work also means that it is notably reflected in your salary. Women in general, whether they are mothers or not, feel rightly that there is not enough done for them to be able to be the best the can be in their jobs. Equal earnings are a big part of the problem. Looking into the statistics, women in the last quarter of 2017 earned 39.988 USD compared to men who have earned 49.192 USD ….. even though the law, since 1963, states that it is illegal to earn less for being in the same job. While there is no problem with female achievement, women have caught up with men in terms of education levels, standards and opportunities.

There are countries, like the USA for example, were women surpassed men in their educational achievement. The problem arises when young couples are trying to balance work and home; where more times than not, the woman ends up having to bear most of the caregiving responsibilities, which can become a disadvantage at their workspace and in particular, their access to promotion and movement within their company. Given the struggles women are facing, many strong and determined women do make it to the boardroom and stay at the top of their game.

Many such women are creating and developing interesting work for themselves, and are choosing not to wear the traditional business suit. There is creativity and strength in the sense that they work and manage to incorporate work and home life where they find balance and profit. A meaningful, fulfilling and profitable work life while maintaining the social and family responsibilities often placed on their shoulders. When we recognize the contributions men and women can make in the workplace and at home, we can motivate and show our next generation that it is perfectly normal that women work and manage a quality home life.

As such so are men capable of the same, it is in the expectation that the responsibility for a balance work and home life is shared and ultimately recognized; by employers and society itself.