Student Group for Music and Art to be Launched at Nong Phlab Witthaya

Student Group for Music and Art to be Launched at Nong Phlab Witthaya
Student Group for Music and Art to be Launched at Nong Phlab Witthaya

The Nong Phlab Witthaya School is now forming a big student group for music, performing arts and marching band to promote skills among its students and celebrate His Majesty the King’s birthday anniversary on 5 December. All musical and performing instruments are donated by the Boonrawd Brewery Public Company Limited and the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Athikhun Butying.

According to the school director Mr. Jongrak Chantarawong, apart from improving teaching and learning curricular for 500 students and 18 teachers, he emphasizes the importance of extra-curricular activities, particularly music and performing arts. Consequently, the students are allowed to learn Thai or international music and Thai folk dance of the North, the North East, the Central and the South of Thailand. Everyday, music instructors from the Thanarat Military Base come to the school to train students on music and dance. The instructors also work closely with the teachers at the school. When an event in the school’s neighborhood calls for an entertainment show, the school will send the trained students to show their skill. This will be an invaluable experience for the students as they can hone their music and performance skills in real life. Music that the school usually teaches to the students includes the songs composed by His Majesty The King and the songs for traditional Thai festive occasions like

Loy Krathong, Thai New Year’s or Songkran. The students are also taught to play classic Thai and English songs. In terms of traditional Thai performance on stage, focus is on ‘Pong Lang’ – a woodwind musical instrument of the northeast of the country. This performance is taught to the students by qualified trainers.
The reason why the Nong Phlab Witthaya School pays so much attention to traditional Thai music and performance is because foreign music is so overwhelming that Thai music is near extinction. This also results in the loss of Thainess among recent teenagers.

Now, the school is asking its alumni and recent graduates to come back and teach the junior students, too.
“When I took a post as the school director, there was nothing here. But thanks to the support of the teachers, local people, Khun Bunma Indit, Khun Amnart Kaewpan and the Deputy Hua Hin Mayor as well as Mr. Santi Bhirombhakdi from Boonrawd Brewery who organized a Buddhist fundraising event, we’re proud to achieve this success,” said Mr. Jongrak. “In terms of the school’s physical environment, we can say that it is similar to other international schools because not only Thai students but also Karen, Laos and hill tribes students come to study here. So, we need to organize curricular that well suits the need of the learners,” added Mr. Jongrak.

On 5 December 2011, 500 teachers, trainers and students will form a marching band and perform the songs composed by His Majesty to celebrate the King’s birthday and honor his musical genius.
The Nong Phlab Witthaya School also provides musical and stage performances by students and teachers for any events held by public and private organizations in Hua Hin.