Stylish Indian Ayurveda Yoga & Spa Now Available in Hua Hin


The Indian-style Ayurveda Yoga and Spa wellness center is now welcoming Thai and foreign visitors in Hua Hin, with a main aim to promote healthy life in Thailand.

According to Dr. Dewan Chowdhury, the Indian-German board manager of Chiva Group in Hua Hin, Ayurveda is a word borrowed to Thai language and nativized as ‘Ayurakamasat’, which refers to internal medical science. This center, located by Chom Dong Palace near Khao Hin Lek Fire, features traditional medical treatment from India.

Before the treatment, patients will be diagnosed of their illness or diseases. Then, the doctors will inform the patients in details about the illness. Voluntarily accepting the proposed treatment, the patients will do step-by-step Yoga for health with professional trainers for 1.30 hours. Afterwards, they will undergo the unique Ayurveda Spa for 2 hours. The spa will be done in a wooden and glass sauna. With Thai and Indian herbs steamed inside the sauna, the patients’ blood circulation and marrow will be relaxed and work normally again. After the sauna, traditionally prepared Indian food: fresh vegetables, steamed rice, vegetable soups and fruit juices, will be served to all patients.

All the treatment course mentioned above has been introduced to Indian people of all casts for a thousand years. It is believed to even exist before modern medical treatment.

Dr. Dewan added that not only a lot of Thai people but also many foreigners were currently suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, Polio and muscle pain. According to information and statistic from hospitals, such symptoms are resulted from food and changing in social lifestyle. A lot of people get sick because they intake what their body does not want either intentionally or unintentionally. However, a proper and correct way of treatment will reduce the risk of sickness.

At Ayurveda, patients can opt to one or all of the above mentioned treatments. Even those who are healthy can enjoy Yoga, spa massage and healthy food there.

A native Indian who had education in Germany, Dr. Dewan provides traditional Indian treatment at Ayurveda in Germany, England, India and Thailand. Some of his income will be donated for charity works because he believes in helping others and giving them both physical and emotional happiness.