Suffering Asthma and Muscle Weakness – Woman Helped

Suffering Asthma and Muscle Weakness - Woman Helped
Suffering Asthma and Muscle Weakness - Woman Helped

Government officials have helped Mrs. Yuon Suksamdang, a 74 years old, who suffers from asthma and muscle weakness and is currently confined to a wheelchair.

She has been very ill and lives in an old decaded shanty. Her living conditions are very poor as the roof is leaking causing damp and little protection from the rain. The home was not in a livable condition. The 74 year old’s shanty is on the land of the former village headman, who has been kind, allowing her to live on the property with her 3 grandchildren.

The staff officers coordinated with the district public health department to take Mrs. Yuon to be treated at Pranburi Hospital. They also donated 2,000 baht to be used for medical expences. In addition, they have provided rice, dried food and clothing to help relieve some of the suffering. Supported by Worabura Hotel Hua Hin and Baan Bayan Hua Hin Hotel the symptoms of Mrs. Yui has begun to improve. Doctors want Mrs. Yuon Suksamdang to stay in the hospital to be ensure her overall wellbeing and improvement.