Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts


As I approached the Sukkasart Institute I had no clue what to expect as my earlier call did not reveal a Spa or any treatments my face and skeleton so desperately need and deserve. I was greeted by the owner Khun Buathon. As I entered and I am deliberately extending this opening section , Khun Buathon told me I was low on energy and asked me what was bugging me. She saw it in my face , aura , clouds , whatever. She was right however. Daily life , no holidays , bad pay, barking dogs, fuel prices, they all influence us men. “You need to forgive” was next. Who do I need to forgive ? Oh yes, there was this thing or two in my life that seems to float up once in a while.

Yeah , I will need to forgive, however why does that influence my energy? Well, Khun Buathon compared me with a computer hard disk that is going to it´s limited capacity , need to defragment , clean and delete files, if not yout boot- up is slow, you react sluggish and forget a lot as fragments are not saved. Good comparison. Sukkasart Institute is situated right before the airport runway tunnel on the left side as you go towards BKK. There are three stories in the building. Reception – Treatment and Meditation and Meditation , Yoga , creative Dancing classes. There are several holistic treatment categories and Arts, to name view :

• ZenNaTai – An ancient therapeutic medical massage treatment working through the abdominal area – the center of chi or energy flow in the body, and chest area for improving digestion and breathing qualities, including head and scalp to release cranial tension and improving concentration, this treatment stimulates the lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body getting rid of toxins and negativity, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, induce the deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

• Reiki – Experience the connecting vibration energy that moves within and around you. This treatment will help analyze any deficiencies and balance the body’s energy field to promote a sense of vitality. This is a very empowering treatment and may help in many areas of your life.

• Sound Healing – Experience the vibration of sound, with singing bowl that guide you to deeper state of relaxation and allowing this sound frequency to vibrate the body subtle energy to be energize and align as its own body pace, you will be guided to opening your heart and expand your own loving and kindness vibration to your own harmony.

• Private Yoga Class – A basic class consisting of 18 postures or Asanas. The postures are based in the style of Hatha Yoga which is the most common practice nowadays. Meditation and Breathing exercises and techniques (Pranayama) are introduced in this class.

• Private Meditation Coaching – Embarking this journey of awakening by connecting to your own busy mind and learning to utilize various tools to fulfill your meditation experience, and let the mind to be calm and serene. As Khun Buathon diagnosed me with energy deficiency she selected the sound healing with a ZenNa Tai treatment. The sound therapy was very intense and relaxing as the singing bowl transmitted the sound waved to my brain and other parts across my body. The cranial and neck massage is nothing compared to downtown massages.

Immediately I could sense that here there was a professional at work. It all starts at the head , neck and is carried through the body crosswise. If your little toe acts funny, look for the cause in your neck! My relaxed Spa review soon became a hard working but extremely rewarding session. The abdominal treatment felt like a battle between my intestines and Khun Buathon´s hands. Do I remember that I have a liver , kidneys and a few meters of intestines ! However , again , I felt absolutely relaxed afterwards.

It felt as if someone fed me with jet fuel. I could move easier , my vision was more aware. Fresh and ready for anything to cross my path. Rose tea kept my heart cool as insiders would say. It quenched my thirst. Summary of the treatments is that if you confide in the Therapist, in my case Khun Buathon, it is easier for her to detect weak points but there is no hiding to these knowledgeable, professional limbs that feel every deficiency, lump, swollen or deteriorated muscle pack.

Khun Buathon restored partly the energy flow in my body working on the meridians and allowing for freed energy to restore my flexibility and in the end my health and happiness. Sukkasart has found a true supporter for the treatments , for the Art of alternative healing and a different spa. People with movement problems , Artheritis, troubled motoric and numerous other physical problems can consult Sukkasart for a possible therapy. It is worth all your while. Believe me! For an appointment contact +66(0)32 515725, 66(0)81 858 3823