Support & Development needed for Hua Hin Sport Activities

Support & Development needed for Hua Hin Sport Activities
Support & Development needed for Hua Hin Sport Activities

The Singha Sport Development of Hua Hin, the sport club model that produces and promotes the right young sportsmen for the right goal, is now calling for local administrators to systemize sport activities and sport science in Hua Hin. According to Mr. Amnart Pinkaew, the manager of the Singha Sport Development of Hua Hin, the club is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year thanks to continuous support by the senior managing director of Boon Rawd Co. Ltd. Mr. Santi Bhirombhakdi and the professional golfer Mr. Prayat Maksaeng who is also a Hua Hin native.

Both of them are taking care of 22 male and female young golfers, 2 of whom are going to national and international golf tournaments. Mr. Amnart said that the club was responsible for training youth golfers who have elementary golfing skills. The training, provided by professional volunteer golfers from Boon Rawd, aims to produce more young golfers for various tournaments all year round. Each year, it costs over 1 million Baht but it is worthwhile because, when any young golfers are enlisted for a national tournament, the Sport Division of Boon Rawd will give them further training so that they become professional golfers later.

The members of the Club need to observe the rules and regulations strictly. They also have to practice golfing with self-discipline. However, some young golfers lack such characteristic due to their self-indulgence and some parents who seem to pamper their kids too much. “Mr. Santi founded the golf club because he’d like Hua Hin to have more new golfers who undergo proper training that leads them to become the professional with international standard,” said Mr. Amnart. “Since Hua Hin is like his 2nd home, Mr. Santi only wants the city to be famous as a sport hub of Thailand, not for his own benefit.”

Mr. Amnart added that sport development in Hua Hin, whether for football, tennis, badminton, takraw and basketball, was done without any exact plan. As a result, sponsorship for each sport event is not permanent and there is yet no aim to create international sportsmen. Mr. Amnart then suggested that each sport club in Hua Hin should follow the way the Singha Sport Development of Hua Hin did by setting up a club supported by another institution or association and organizing a sport competition at community and provincial levels. Moreover, Hua Hin Municipality should play a key role in setting up a sport science center for sportsmen of all categories. Those actions with more practical and concrete goals will help improve sport activities in Hua Hin.