TAT Prachuabkirikhan Calls for Photo Contest

TAT Prachuabkirikhan Calls for Photo Contest
TAT Prachuabkirikhan Calls for Photo Contest

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s Prachuab Khirikhan Office is launching a photo contest titled, “Yes! You Like It, Snapshot & Share It” in which contestants send images showing interesting tourist attractions or good things in Prachuab Khirikhan and describe why they love them to win amazing prizes.

According to Mrs. Pinnart Charoenphol, the director of TAT’s Prachuab Khirikhan Office, this activity will promote tourism in the province because one picture means a thousand words. Moreover, Prachuab Khirikhan aficionados will have a chance to post their beloved picture and share how they feel about the province, thus introducing new travelers to unseen places and things here.

Contestants have to send photos with short description about them relating to 5 topics: places to eat and drink places to hang out, accommodations for good dream, places to do shopping and wow attractions. Each person can send as many photos as they want to and is allowed to beautify them before sending. In case of portrait photos, there should be space for people in the picture of no more than 50%. Description should be written in no more than 200 letters.

More importantly, pictures must not contain nudity, obscenity, political implication and copyrights infringement. Deadline for the contest is 13 May 2012 and photos can be sent via prachuap@tineepakklang.com. For more information, please contact the TAT’s Prachuab Khirikhan Office at tel. 032 513 885.