Thai, Korean & Chinese Businesspeople Grant 1 Million THB Scholarship

Thai, Korean & Chinese Businesspeople Grant 1 Million THB Scholarship
Thai, Korean & Chinese Businesspeople Grant 1 Million THB Scholarship

Three Thai business people from South Korea and China have recently granted a total of one million THB in scholarships to students of Hua Hin municipal schools. They have also confirmed further financial support in the future.

Dr. Dusit Charoen from Thailand, Mr. Sun Lee Park from South Korea and Ms. Enya Wang from China, all of whom are living in Hua Hin, gave the 82,000 THB scholarships to the mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul. The mayor will soon give it to students from seven municipal schools in Hua Hin so that they can further their education to higher levels. Dr. Dusit said after the ceremony that he had befriended the South Korean and the Chinese business people some time ago. The reason why they are good friends is because they share the same family background.

All of them came from a poor and disadvantaged family, but they were determined that, if they were professionally successful when they grew up, they would help young people in terms of educational support. The three business people believe that education can give the disadvantaged better opportunities for the future life. This was also the idea of His Majesty King Bhumibol. The three businesspeople have donated study grants for 12 consecutive years. Each time they gave around 100,000 THB to students of Hua Hin municipal
schools. In total they have granted over a million THB in scholarships so far. Dr. Dusit added that they would continue helping the students because the scholarships could give them better education and good opportunities for future careers.

Their donations are is a tribute to the deceased King who is the father of Thai education. A Thai student from a very poor family, Dr. Dusit is a Hua Hin native who went to study a bachelor degree in Bangkok. He also worked as a bus conductor while he was staying in Bangkok to earn some income. Once he graduated, he was a lecturer at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in Bangkok before going to the US to complete the Ph.D. After staying in America for ten years, he came back home to establish his own business and met the Chinese and South Korean friends. All the three business people share strong determination to support Thai education and disadvantaged students until they pass away.