Thai medical experts says Burmese coronavirus spreads faster

The G614 strain spreads faster than the D614 detected in Wuhan, China. (Photo: NIH)

Dr Prasit Watanapa from the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital says the coronavirus spreading in Myanmar has a different strain and transmits 20% faster than the original one found in Wuhan, China.

The Wuhan strain is known as D614, whereas the stronger strain currently found in western countries is G614.

Prasit says around 60% of the cases in Myanmar are the G614 strain. “G614, which spreads faster, therefore needs a faster response.”

Addressing the matter of Thai nationals sneaking back into the country without going through quarantine, he warns that such behaviour will worsen the situation and put everyone’s health I at risk.

“Only one slip can cause great damage to the country,” Dr Prasit said.

He adds that Thais shouldn’t let their guard down as a result of vaccine breakthroughs, as they could be waiting some time for the shots.

“Don’t pin your hopes on it, as it could take at least half a year for Thailand to gain access to Covid-19 vaccines.”

Original writer: Maya Taylor
Source: The Thaiger