Thai Tax Guide for Foreigners I


The Prachuabkhirikhan Revenue Office
The Tax Guide for foreigners serves the purpose of informing foreigners about the tax system in the province of Prachuab Khirikhan to which Hua Hin and Pranburi belong. The Tax system is the same as all of Thailand but inquiries are processed in Prachuabkhirikhan. Khun Naunnoi Srirungrojana is the director of the Area Revenue Office and speaks English very well.

Thai Taxes are split up in
·Personal Income Tax (PIT)
·Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
·Value Added Tax (VAT)
·Specific Business Tax (SBT)
·Stamp Duty (ST)
Hua Hin Today will issue each Tax Group in the nextmonthly editions.

Personal Income Tax

For a Resident ( living permanently in Thailand) ( Non Immigrant visa / work permit holder)

-Individual, Group of persons, General Partnership, Undivided Estates
-180 days in calendar year
-Taxed on income sourced in Thailand

  • employed or having your own business in Thailand
  • business of an employer in Thailand o
  • owning property situated in Thailand o

– Foreign-sourced, taxed when income is brought into Thailand within the same year income arises
Personal income taxes in Thailand are filed when income exceeds :

Single Person ( not married)

Salary> 30,000 Baht per Annum
Other Income >50,000 Baht per Annum

Married Person

Salary> 60,000 Baht per Annum
Other Income > 100,000 Baht per Annum

Taxable Income
 = Salary or other Income-less Deductions and less Allowances
Deductionsand Allowances
In general :Deductions are applicable in agreement with the tax office and apply on   House Ownership – Agricultural Land Ownership – Professional services and other Business Income.

Allowances are amounts that the Taxed person can claim as a deductable from his gross salary:
A personal allowance is applicable – an amount for Spouse maintenance – Child(ren) maintenance.
Elderly Allowance – Support for Parents Allowance – Life Insurance premium – Home Mortgage Interest – Social Security Contribution – Provident Contribution – Charity Contributions

Personal Income Tax Rates 
( Annual) – Taxable GrossIncome
< 100,000 Baht – 0%
>100,000 – < 150,000 Baht – 0%
>150,000 – < 500,000 Baht – 10%
> 500,000 – < 1,000,000 Baht – 20%
> 1,000,000 – < 4,000,000 Baht – 30 %
> 4,000,000 Baht – 37%

Rates are applicable afterapplying deductions and allowances
Taxes must be filed before the 31st of March of the following year directly or through a certified and registered accountant or at your local area revenue branch office. Taxes can be filed electronically at ( unfortunately at present only in Thai)
If a non resident( unemployed in Thailand ) sources income in Thailand through several possibilities, The following flat rate tax for the sources is a 15% withholding tax which is withheld immediately from the income from that source.

 : Dividents from Shares / Stock – Intersts on capital – royalties and Commissions – Capital Gains ( growth of capital) – Rental Income ( Apartment or house) – Services in general

 : any querries can be directed to the editor . HHT will forward your questions to the IRS in Prachuab or Bangkok who will answer you.   Above information is a courtesy of the Thailand Revenue Department .