Thai Tourism could seriously be affected by Hong Kong’s Airport shut down


The repeatedly opening and shutting down of Hong Kong airport could cost Thailand a loss of 1.4 Billion Baht in revenue, says Kasikorn Research Center.

The research center figures the Thai tourism will be badly hit if flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok are interrupted for more than a week. August is the month where Hong Kong tourists visit Thailand the most because it’s school vacation there. About 4,200 to 5,000 visitors from Hong Kong would travel to Thailand daily this month.

“Closing down the Hong Kong airport for even a week would mean a loss of 30,000 travelers,” says a spokesman of the center.

Last year, nearly 1 million Hong Kong travelers visited Thailand, representing 2.65 % of the market share, estimated to an income of 42 Billion Baht.

Flights from Hong Kong were delayed and some were cancelled when protesters took over the airport on Tuesday afternoon, after it had opened earlier in the day to start rescheduling flights, and disrupted again yesterday evening and early morning today.