Thais are the Asia’s biggest beer consumers

Source: Expensivit

A recent survey found Thais to be the biggest beer drinkers in Asia, while Czechs topped the list in the world.

According to this year’s World Beer index published on,

Thais consume 142 bottles of beer per person annually on average, followed by South Koreans who consume 130 bottles per person yearly.

In world rankings, Czechs consume an average of 468 bottles of beer per person yearly, followed by the Spanish at 417 bottles, while Germany came in third with 411 bottles despite its famous annual beer festival Oktoberfest.

Worldwide, Germans are the biggest spenders, with per-person spending on beer coming in at US$1,908, followed by Poland at $1,738, Lithuania at $1,586, and the UK at a draw with $1,554.

In Asia, the top five countries where beer is the most expensive are China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Source: The Nation