Thais eager for vaccine than 24 other countries

Statistics shown here were recorded between 17 November - January 10 2021. (Image: YouGov)

It’s been two weeks living under a lockdown, now residents near Bang Yai Central Market in Nonthaburi are out and about again – longing for the Covid vaccine than ever.

“From what I’ve asked around, people not only want to get vaccinated,” Watcharin Sriwimonthan, a local health volunteer in Bang Yai district, said by phone on Monday. “Some are even concerned that there won’t be enough vaccines imported to go around.”

Their eagerness may be representative of Thai population as a whole, as attested by a poll published on Monday, which results to Thais were the most willing to be immunized against Covid infection out of the 24 countries surveyed.

Meanwhile, recent news in Norway reported that about 30 elderly people have died after receiving vaccines developed by Pfizer brought serious concerns for some Thais.

The anxiety was sufficient for Sophon Iamsirithavorn, director of the Division of Communicable Diseases, to stage a news conference on Sunday and announce that the government had no plans to import the Pfizer vaccine.

“Those are different from the vaccines that Thailand has reserved for imports, which are vaccines by AstraZeneca and Sinovac. They use different technology than Pfizer or Moderna,” Sophon said. “Therefore, citizens can rest assured that we are not importing these two.”

Source: Khaosod English