Thale Waek A Natural Wonder at Pranburi Forest Park

Thale Waek A Natural Wonder at Pranburi Forest Park
Thale Waek A Natural Wonder at Pranburi Forest Park

Thale Waek or also known as ‘Separated Sea’ has been witnessed in an area of Pranburi Forest Park. This is natural phenomenon occurring at low tide. The beach once suffered from erosion, after the Harbour Department dumped some rocks offshore the erosion was solved. Instead, a separated sea appears when the seawater subsides, attracting curious Thai and foreign visitors to visit the Forest Park.

On 18th May, the Deputy Director-General of the Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Mr. Sommai Kitayakul, the Director of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department in Phatchaburi Mr. Watthana Phornprasert and other public officers went to the Pranburi Forest Park to visit the mangrove forest.

The visitors were greeted by the Chief Officer of the Forest Park Mr. Somsak Krithathon who provided them with information about the flora and fauna and the current condition of the mangrove forest. Mr. Somsak said that in 1974 Queen Sirikit paid an official visit to Pranburi and saw the mangroves from which villagers made charcoal. She then became interested in flora of the mangrove forest and began promoting the planting of mangrove trees.

The Forestry Department launched a royal project entitled the Forest Development in Pranburi under Her Majesty’s Patronage, which mainly aims to conserve and protect natural resources of mangrove forest in Pranburi. Mr. Somsak added that in 1982, the Forestry Department declared that the forest areas of Khlong Kao and Khlong Khoy be included in the Pranburi Forest Park as they both have complete mangrove forests and mixed deciduous forests with beautiful beaches and scenic landscape. In 1996 their Majesties visited the Pranburi Forest Park again and saw the poor condition of the mangrove forest.

They asked for immediate and urgent rehabilitation of the area. Besides taking the visitors to see the mangrove forest, the Chief Officer of the Pranburi Forest Park also showed them the beautiful beaches in front of the Park, created after the erosion problem was solved with over a hundred Rai of land. Apart from the gorgeous vista, the beach has the separated sea phenomenon when the seawater subsides between April and May every year. Tourists can admire the beauty of the long stretching beach area. There are around 200 mangroves trees aged over a hundred years. Such natural wonders attract many tourists every year. For more information about the visit to Pranburi Forest Park, please contact the Park directly at tel. 081 880 6959.