The Amari Hua Hin GM is Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve Collar

The Amari Hua Hin GM is Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve Collar
The Amari Hua Hin GM is Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve Collar

Phanuphan Buasuang has been General Manager of Amari Hua Hin since July last year. Khun Ton could be seen to be at the forefront of a new generation of Thai leaders managing international businesses in Hua Hin, including some of our top-of-the-range resorts.

He’s a manager who is educated, experienced and embraces the principles of a mentoring rather than a relying on a dictatorial style of management. He knows he doesn’t have all the answers, so his management style is thoughtful, responsive, straightforward and inclusive. He also knows that this style results in staff giving their best with everyone as a winner, especially guests of the Amari. Khun Ton holds a master’s degree in business administration. His experience has included management roles across international hotel brands and independent operators in Bangkok, Hua Hin and Koh Samui. He also has a retail experience and most recently was general manager of Siam Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok, operated by The Mall Group. He was also took a leadership role in the development of the Blúport Resort Mall Hua Hin.

That gave him an even broader perspective to bring to his current role. Although Khun Ton is a native of Bangkok, he prefers a more peaceful ‘quality’ lifestyle that he has found in Hua Hin. He’s a family man with his wife, two year old daughter and a family home near Cha-Am. It’s the family-friendly scene which he sees as one of Hua Hin’s big advantages over other more ‘frantic’ Thailand tourist destinations. This year is the Amari Hua Hin fifth anniversary with celebrations about to be ramped up. First there’s recognition of staff, many of whom have been providing their services since day one. Recognition of that contribution comes before any other celebrations. Next there is the promise of special deals focusing on loyal customers.

A business built on loyalty will always be a successful business. Then come the promise of some entertainment with the promise of an invitation to anniversary events now being planned. Oh dear; another party coming! Khun Ton proudly wears the Amari logo, a stylised parasol (pictured right), on his collar. Apart from being a sign of shelter from storms or the Thailand sun, this says that he is offering a very real and straight forward dose of amazing Thai hospitality.