The cabinet approves 3,179 employees as government officials


Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Miss Traisulee Traisoranakul revealed the Cabinet has approved the packing of permanent employees of the Ministry of Public Health.

In the position of new officials appointed rate to support the emergencies in the situation of the pandemic.
By the original resolution of the Cabinet of 15 April 2020, approved the allocation of the new government officials totalling 38,105 positions.
The Ministry of Public Health has selected and included 34,926 persons for government service, remaining 3,179 positions.

Because some problems and obstacles prevent people from being able to fill in the government service at the rate of new civil servants, for example, they do not meet the required standard position or the position have been taken by someone in the line of work that will be selected and filled in for government service.

Hence, the Ministry of Public Health proposed the Government Workforce Policy and Targeting Committee to apply the residual rates to permanent employees in the new civil servant rate to cope with the emergencies of the virus.

However, if the above actions have been performed, there are remaining vacancies, it may consider packing Ministry of health personnel working in the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak based on necessity reasons.

And when all personnel have been filled as they have been allocated 38,105 new government officials, the Ministry of Public Health shall report the results of the operation as well as inform the dissolution/cancel of the employment position by other forms to the OCSC to acknowledge by March 2021.