The ‘Hands of God’ Lift Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

The ‘Hands of God’ Lift Vietnam’s Golden Bridge
The ‘Hands of God’ Lift Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

Vietnam’s newest bridge is already a hit with tourists thanks to the huge stone hands holding up the golden pathways. A golden bridge being held up by a giant’s stone hands may sound like something out of a storybook, but it’s very real.

The Cau Van ‘Golden Bridge’ opened in June in the Ba Na Hills near the city of Da Nang. The 150 metre long bridge sits perched on a mountaintop, overlooking the spectacular jungle landscape, held up by two huge concrete hands that look like they’re coming out of the jungle itself.

The idea is that the hands look like some sort of mountain deity holding up the structure – it’s being hailed as a work of art by architects and visitors alike. But of course one of the biggest highlights for guests is the pair of giant hands which protrude over the side. The bridge which runs through the hands gives the visitor a feeling that they are walking on a thread that is in the hands of gods.

The bridge stands 1,400 metres above sea level, so it offers up some once-in-a-lifetime views of the Vietnamese landscape, as well as picturesque landscaped gardens surrounding the structure. There are colourful flowers and exotic plants lining either side of the path for an extra burst of colour as tourists walk along.

TA Landscape Architecture’s Vu Viet Anh constructed the bridge in an area already attracting travel enthusiasts for its cable car, replica French medieval village and landscaped gardens. This is not enough for the architect; there are also plans for a silver bridge made to look like a god’s strand of hair that will connect to the Vietnam Golden Bridge.