“The Last Dance” – reminiscing Jordan’s golden era


Michael Jordan was once (and still is) the world’s greatest player and a cultural icon adored by millions of basketball fans.

If you could remember the time when ‘Chicago Bulls’ was winning six NBA titles in 14 years, those were Michael’s most remarkable years of his career.

Jordan’s golden era began with the Bulls in 1984 and ending in 1998. Basketball fans were treated to such an incredible ride for a 10-hour documentary series.

“The Last Dance,” which aired its final episode on ESPN last week in the US and is now streaming internationally on Netflix, featured extraordinary access to the sixth championship runs in 1997-98 and interviews with Michael and his other team mates.

“The movie featured the team’s ups and downs and the behind-the-scenes drama play out, and many of us who were fans of the team remembered where we were and how we felt when those moments happened,” says John Lynch, co-producer of the series.

“That’s why my CNN producing partner Sam Krumov and I wanted to recap the documentary by taking you on our journey through the golden years of Michael Jordan,” Lynch added.