The Mini-Journalists

The Mini-Journalists
The Mini-Journalists


The Mini-Journalists
The Mini-Journalists

Our junior writers at Hua Hin’s BECC School, or as Head Teacher Emma calls them, ‘mini-journalists’ were thinking about 2016 and what they would like to change.!

These students were eager to see their words in print and Hua Hin Today is happy to feature them on our children’s page. We hope to meet them soon and encourage writing as an after hour’s school activity. The world through the eyes of a child can be an interesting and different place. These are the thoughts of Maria, Martha and Sade, their New Year’s resolutions. Our best wishes for the New Year!


I am going to start doing more art because I like it and I want to get better at it. I promise to do more exercise to help my body grow. I also want to save money to buy more healthy food instead of eating sweets which are bad for you and have lots of sugar in them. Something else I promise to do is make lots of new friends so that I am not alone. I wish people in the world would make a resolution to stop fighting and killing each other.

Martha and Sade

The start of every New Year is when we all make plans to make a promise for the 12 months coming. Psychiatry professor Jayashri Kulkarni says: “January 1 is a ‘magical’ date and a vow made on this day is much more powerful than one made on August 26, for example.” So, we all make a list of things to quit, start or change. Unfortunately, most of these promises are, more often than not, broken by January 31st. They are usually the same resolutions that were not kept from the previous year, and the years before that! It seems like people tend to make the same resolutions year after year, even though they have a hard time sticking to them. Research shows nearly half of us make a New Year’s resolution. Most people promise to lose weight, help others, quit smoking, save money, and get fit. Some people vow to eat healthier food, drink less alcohol, and go on a once in a life time trip. However, research also shows that most of us are not so good at sticking to these promises. A study from the University of Scranton reveals that 71 per cent of us stick to our yearly promises for the first couple of weeks but six months later, less than half of us are still on track to keep their resolutions. Most people give up on their resolutions because of lack of willpower. However, they usually promise to try again next year.

These are some of our resolutions that we are going to try our best to keep in 2016;

Hobby: I will start doing more poetry because I like it and enjoy it.

Health: I will start eating healthy food so I can become healthier.

Money: I will save my money to buy something I really want.

Friends: I promise to go on more play dates because I don’t see my friends much except at school. World: I will help the world by recycling my clothes.