The ‘Mini-Journalists’

The ‘Mini-Journalists’
The ‘Mini-Journalists’

We’ve discovered some budding junior writers at Hua Hin’s BECC School, or as Head Teacher Emma calls them, ‘mini-journalists’!

These students were eager to see their words in print and Hua Hin Today is happy to feature them on our children’s page. We hope to meet them soon and encourage writing as an after hour’s school activity. The world through the eyes of a child can be an interesting and different place. These are the thoughts of Emma and Martha about life at the BECC School, it sounds like a lot of fun learning. Thanks girls for your well-chosen words!

Going To The BECC

by Martha Wigglesworth; a ten year old student from England “It is the start of another year at The BECC School and it’s sure to be full of excitement, fun and learning and I am so excited for the new term. This term I am looking forward to learning more about science (one of my favourite subjects). I want to improve in Maths because I think it is important. The teachers at The BECC make all activities fun for us so I am looking forward to having fun while I learn. One of the things that I love about The BECC is our after school activities. We have many activities to choose from such as Art, Scouts, Yoga, Science, cooking and football to name just a few.

We also have many extra events throughout the year. Coming up this term we have Halloween and our Christmas show. At the end of the last school year we had Sports day which was great fun. For some of us in Year 6, it will be our final year (sad face) at The BECC. I am determined that this year will be as great as the previous 5 years I have spent here at this wonderful school. Everything about The BECC is fantastic but the coolest thing about the BECC is the style of the school. The classes are built like something out of The Flintstones; there are no glass windows or doors! How many people are lucky enough to go to a school like this?”

A New School Year

by Alma Kriegel, a French student who is almost eleven years old. “This new school year 2015-2016 will be full of plenty of fun and learning! Many events are happening like Halloween, Loy Kratong, Christmas show, etc. The new children, some of them non-English speakers, are fitting in in their own way. Three years ago I came to this school only with the English words ‘hello’ and ‘butterfly’! But I learned English quickly at The BECC and now I love speaking English! So, don’t worry non-English speakers and newbies at the BECC, everyone will help you improve. Now, let’s talk about the older children’s responsibilities. Year 5 and 6, are the eldest in the school.

They have jobs like prefects, lunch monitors, playground monitors and other jobs like that. Prefects are first the leaders of the four school teams; red, blue, yellow and green. Second, the prefects have to set a good example to the little ones. Also, for your information, in prefect, the word perfect is hiding; this gives you a clue to how special prefects are! The lunch monitors are the ones who help the little ones to choose enough vegetables and try new foods. The playground monitors are there to make sure that the playground is a friendly and safe place to play. This year, I am particularly looking forward to the Christmas Show and Halloween and of course all I am going to learn this year.

My goal for this year is to improve my maths and writing skills. Really cool after school activities are also on! Yoga, Football, Mad science, Scouts, Thai cooking, Mini Chefs etc. So, good luck newbies and enjoy your time at The BECC like I have!”