The Municipality to Solve Traffic Problems in Hua Hin

The Municipality to Solve Traffic Problems in Hua Hin
The Municipality to Solve Traffic Problems in Hua Hin

The Hua Hin Municipality, the Police Office of Hua Hin and the District Highway of Prachuab Khirikhan have recently decided to implement 10 ordinances to solve traffic problems in Hua Hin, pointing that rental cars are the main cause of urban traffic congestion. Chairing the meeting on problem-solving on traffic systems in Hua Hin, the Deputy Governor of Prachuab Khirikhan Mr. Apinan Chantarangsi stated that there were 10 problems that needed to be dealt with urgently.

1. The first one is parking lots for all types of vehicle, especially the rental cars and cars parked temporarily at the fresh market to load and unload goods.
2. The second problem is how to move stalls that sell alms for Buddhist monks in the morning. The stalls need to be moved to an area in front of the Siam Commercial Bank located between the Sra Song intersection and the Dechanuchit street.
3. The third problem concerns the parking space for public cars in front of the Hua Hin Market Village and motorcycle shops along the Petchakasem Road.
4. The fourth is how to expand the road middle way in Hua Hin.
5. The fifth is about installing a traffic congestion warning sign on the Petchkasem Road so that cars can turn to a road along the canal, thus relieving traffic congestion.
6. The sixth is paving a one-way road in the Hua Hin Thansamai Soi.
7. The seventh is how to control car parking on the days of which the first number is the odd or even ones.
8. The eighth problem is moving the nameplate of the Chatchai Market and adjustment of the footpath to accommodate car parking.
9. The ninth problem is to inform some sellers who seize and reserve public areas to sell goods.
10. And the last one is training municipal officers to help traffic police monitor and implement traffic laws. Mr. Apinan added that the most serious problem for now was caused by some rental cars, namely black-plate taxis, minivans, motortaxis, Tuk-Tuks and small fourwheel cars which are commonly found on Petchakasem, Damnern Kasem, Amnuaysilp and Sra Song Roads. The cars are usually parked for a long time, preventing others from using the areas. To solve the problem, each of the roads as above-mentioned will provide only one parking lot where a couple of cars can be parked. Besides, those parking their car have to donate some money which will be used for urban development later. Once the 10 ordinances are enforced, all concerned authorities in Hua Hin will work cooperatively to solve the problems strictly and seriously.