The Power of Love


The Power of Love International Christian Fellowship would like to wish everyone in Hua Hin a very Blessed and Happy New Year. This greeting and blessing extends to all those living in and visiting Hua Hin and the surrounding communities and cities.

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the calendar year we just finished as well as the future which lies ahead for each of us. Times of reflection can be very beneficial for our lives, as they provide a way for us to recognize things to be thankful for and also things which we can improve on to make our lives better in the coming weeks, months and years.

We can learn from the things which we could have done better, in order to make changes in our lives which can bring us more happiness, contentment, peace and joy, as well as better health, both physical and spiritual. It can be a great time to examine how we spend our time and/or our money, since we are all running out of time, and possibly money, too.

The New Year is also a good time to look at the relationships we have or don’t have with other people, which ones are beneficial to us and which are not that healthy for us. Which people around us bring us happiness and encouragement and help make our lives better, and which ones tear us down and make our lives worst. We can also discover how we can be better friends to the people who are in our lives.

Change is good for our lives, when the changes we are making are positive and beneficial to us and the people around us. Every day that we wake up is another opportunity for new beginnings. We all have the ability to choose how we will live our lives, whether it is in a way to bring happiness and peace and wholeness to our lives, or whether it is in less beneficial ways.

The Power of Love International Christian Fellowship has gone through many changes in its two years of existence, some pleasant and some painful, but overall we are headed in a positive direction. We are growing in number and in the Grace of God, as we continue to follow Jesus. We have moved from our beginnings at the Marriott Resort and Spa, when they closed, on to the Best Western Plus Serenity Resort. After outgrowing the meeting room there, we moved to the Putahracsa Resort for a short time until arriving at the Hilton Resort, which now seems to suit all of our needs in a wonderful way.

Our services started out as English language only services, but now our services are held in both English and Thai languages, making it a much more dynamic International experience to better serve the people of Hua HIn. Thais and foreigners can now worship together. We have also added a mid week service on Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM, in addition to our Sunday morning service at 10:00 AM. We also have several other fellowship and Bible study opportunities throughout the week. Children’s Church has its own private room as well.

All are welcome to join us at any or all of our services. We are not very religious, more about life and love and joy and happiness and how we can encourage and build up and help one another when we meet together. We love to sing and fellowship together and listen to the Word of God preached in a very loving and positive way, since God is Love. Come and learn more about Jesus and grow in Him with us. If we can assist anyone with any spiritual needs or questions you may have, just let us know, whether you come to Church or not. Find us on facebook @ The Power of Love Church or telephone 0809993603 or e mail us at POLCHUAHIN@HOTMAIL.COM

And above all, have a Wonderfully Blessed and Healthy and Happy 2013.