The Prime Minister Wants Action on Some Hua Hin Issues

The Prime Minister Wants Action on Some Hua Hin Issues
The Prime Minister Wants Action on Some Hua Hin Issues
The Prime Minister Wants Action on Some Hua Hin Issues
The Prime Minister Wants Action on Some Hua Hin Issues

The Prime Minister of Thailand General Prayuth Chan-ocha paid an official visit to Hua Hin on 27th March 2015. During his visit he monitored some local issues and talked with local sellers. Prayut was in Hua Hin for a Cabinet retreat at the Army Rehabilitation and Recreation Center at Suanson Pradipat.

Parking In Hua Hin

The Prime Minister promised parking areas for the Hua Hin market and downtown area so that tourists can stop by and shop in town. Deputy Government Spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said Prayut had received a complaint from vendors in Hua Hin downtown that tourists could not park their cars in the area, causing their income to sharply drop. In the past, tourists could park their cars on roadsides to shop but now they face fines by traffic police for doing so, the complaint stated. Sansern said Prayut raised the complaint during the Cabinet meeting Friday and the Prime Minister ordered the Prachuap Khiri Khan Governor to coordinate with the Hua Hin municipality to find car parks that would not affect the traffic rules.

Hua Hin Beach Organisation

There are believed to be 118 local business owners located at beach areas. General Prayuth received complaints about how some of the business owners trespassed onto public areas and how they sold their products to tourists at unreasonable prices. He was also told that some beach sellers did not properly take care of beach tables, beach umbrellas and deckchairs. After the beach visit, the Prime Minister called for an immediate meeting with all the local business owners to discuss about how to make the Hua Hin beach better organised and how to sell food, drink and other products with reasonable prices.

He also talked about legal measures against selling at extremely high price. The business owners were also asked not to construct any building on the beach. The Prime Minister suggested that they should tidy up beach tables, beach umbrellas and deckchairs every day. On Wednesdays, they should have a break and clean the beach together. The business owners working in other people’s area without their permission were asked to move to Hua Don Beach. Ms. Jongkolani Ritthiyong, a fruit seller, representing street vendors and sellers on Hua Hin beaches, thanked him for the good measures to organise the Hua Hin beaches. She also asked him to help install permanent electricity meters and provide tap water to the sellers. The Prime Minister agreed to help them and assigned the Prachuab Khirihan Governor to take care of the issue.

Fishermen’s Concerns

Another complaint he received was from local fishermen who complained about the rule that requires their small fishing boats of 30-ton capacity to be installed with a GPS device if the boats have a roof chamber. The fishermen claimed that most of their small fishing boats have roof chambers so that they could stay away from the blazing sun while fishing in the sea. Prayut promised to look into the complaint by seeking opinions from other agencies concerned. He also asked all fishermen to install a GPS system so that they can be easily located and found in case of an accident.

A New University & the High Speed Train

The Prime Minister also commented that the government is considering a new university in Hua Hin where self-sufficiency economy is taught to students. In terms of the high speed train, he said that it should be completed within 5 to 10 years.