There’s a real ’sports vibe’ around Hua Hin

There’s a real ’sports vibe’ around Hua Hin
There’s a real ’sports vibe’ around Hua Hin

There’s a real ’sports vibe’ around Hua Hin with opening of the True Arena and a much higher profile for our city with more international events destined to come. Football fans are also getting ready to support our local team now that the UHT Vana Nava Hua Hin City Stadium is ready to go. Last month we briefly introduced Hua Hin Today’s new Manager, Ornusha Pinvanorasam, but now as a follow up we have put together a profile about Khun Ornusha, so our readers can get to know her better. I would like to encourage more feedback and your views about our publication. Your positive and encouraging remarks are always pleasing however constructive criticisms and ideas for improvement are also welcome and I will respond. Here’s an example of the sort of unsolicited feedback we enjoy the most ………..“Dear David, thank you for the nice write up and great positioning in HHT, much appreciated. Hope to see you again soon. Manuel”.

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