Thyroid in Pregnant Women is More Dangerous Than You Think

Thyroid in Pregnant Women is More Dangerous Than You Think
Thyroid in Pregnant Women is More Dangerous Than You Think

Do you believe that in each pregnancy, there are various factors that would affect the safety of such foetation and the baby? One of the hormones with such influence is the Thyroid Hormone as the functionality of T3 and T4 is to stimulate body growth. It will work together with the Growth Hormone; a hormone conducive to growth and development, especially the growth of the nervous system and the baby’s brain.

During the pregnancy, the mothers would constantly experience various changes and development to their body. With the heighten of metabolism, the body would require thyroid hormone up to a certain level to support the fetus. As the pregnancy would cause changes in physiology, it would result as changes in the functionality of the thyroid gland as well. More importantly, there would be an increase of Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG) that is a result of an increased Estrogen Hormone that was stimulated during the pregnancy. One of the many changes to occur.

Whereas, changes in thyroid glands in pregnant women may cause the following:

– Enlarged Thyroid Gland – Subnormal level of TSH
– Increased level of TBG, which cause the level of T3 and T4 to increase during the 3-4 weeks of conceptual age. However, the FT3 level will be at a normal level after the 12-14 week, but the TBG level will rise The changes in the thyroid hormones cause thyroid disease to be found often in pregnant women. Thyroid hormone is extremely necessary to the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus, especially during the first three months.

Therefore, if the mother has any symptoms of heart fluttering, weight loss, or vomit continuously, it is highly recommended to check the thyroid function or Thyroid Function Test and meet with the doctor.

Thyroid disease in pregnant women, both treated and untreated hyperthyroidism, may lead to:

– Premature delivery that may follow by other diseased
– Extreme increase in blood pressure
– Possible miscarriage
– Baby weighing less than the standard weight
– Baby has a lower IQ than the standard or experience mental defective Therefore, as said before, Thyroid problems in pregnant women are more dangerous than you think and shall not be overlooked!