Traffic Problems of Hua Hin Need Urgent Solutions


The Co-ordinating Committee for Work Monitoring and Follow-up (CCWMF) of Hua Hin Municipality has set up a sub-committee to tackle traffic problems around the City.

The Chairman, Mr. Santat Suksri, described a meeting with an advisor to Hua Hin’s Mayor and members of Municipal Council to discuss major traffic problems.

Construction sites are mushrooming in the City’s municipal area, some contractors leave construction materials such as stones, sand and bricks, on the road. This effects traffic and impedes those who walk on the footpath.

Some pick-ups and big cars equipped with speakers and billboards used for advertising campaigns park on main roads, resulting in insufficient parking for other cars. Withiout poermission this violates traffic law.

Additionally main roads and other streets are dominated by street vendors. Little has been done to solve these issues.

“We’ve found that some pick-up trucks loaded with fish use areas in Hua Hin’s fresh market and night market as private parking spaces while some restaurants use public footpaths outside to do business. Some street vendors start their business earlier than officially agreed. This violates municipal regulations and I will monitor the problems myself. If necessary, legal persecution will be carried out,” said Mr. Santat.

Mr. Santat also added that people make these problems despite knowing that it is improper and upsets other people. He has repeatedly talked about those problems without improvements and commented that he would deal with them himself.