U Beauty! – The Latest Beer in Thailand

U Beauty! - The Latest Beer in Thailand
U Beauty! - The Latest Beer in Thailand

Visitors to Thailand may choose to drink Thai brand beers.  Favourites include Singha,  Leo and of course Chang Beer. Now there is another choice, it’s called U Beer.

U Beer is a new lager beer from Singha Corporation, the original Thai brewery since 1933, is the latest addition to Thailand’s domestic beer market. The beer is said to be inspired by the German beer and marketed to cater to the young generation who are said to be more designed conscious, hipster, fun and lifestyle savvy. To quote the promoters: “If you look at the design of U Beer, it is fun and modern.” Amateur reviewer have had their say and seem to be giving U Beer the thumbs up; or is that ‘bottoms up’? Here’s a sample of what’s being said: “If you don’t put any ice in, you will notice a subtle flavour.”  (Editor’s note: ice in beer; never!).

“May become my beer of choice, will be out this weekend looking for the U girls”. “Today I have heard both that it is a Bavarian inspired beer, and that it tastes similar to Singha Light.  I’m hoping for something better than camel %@##, but not holding my breath.” “Dreadful name, but I’ll enjoy asking the girls for “a bottle of U”.” “The rep I spoke to last night said taste – same same all other beer – his exact words”.

U Beer Specifications: Style:
Lager Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
Brewed by: Singha [Boonrawd Brewery]
Size: 620 Ml / 320 Ml.
Price: Understood to be same same as Chang Beer