Urban Development Plan Proposed an improved Hua Hin

Urban Development Plan Proposed an improved Hua Hin
Urban Development Plan Proposed an improved Hua Hin

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will cooperate with the Hua Hin Municipality, related governmental agencies and civil society to formulate an urban development plan to improve Hua Hin’s physical conditional and deal with the city’s growth.
Mrs. Ratchawadee Sriprapan, the director of Community and Special Areas Division to the Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Development, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said that, upon a meeting with executives of Hua Hin Municipality and related agencies, the Ministry found that Hua Hin needed fast improvement regarding urban landscaping among other things to accommodate changing lifestyle of local people, increasing numbers of tourists and permanent foreign residents.

Main problems that need to be solved include the Phetchakasem Road from the Hua Hin International Airport to Baan Khao Tao Community. Both sides of the road will be more lively and beautiful if more trees are planted and billboards are strictly controlled or banned. Moreover, waste and garbage have to be got rid of at the Chatchai night market and other areas in side streets and communities where there are not enough Garbage cans and irregular garbage collecting. Tourist spots and beaches should be supervised more strictly, kept clean and waste water in the sea forbidden. Buildings and houses along the beach have to be checked regularly. Cables and telephone lines on the Petschkasem and Damnern Kasem Road need to be put underground so that more big trees can replace them. Finally, the route along Chomsin Road until the by-pass needs to be improved and paved.

Mrs. Ratchawadee added that the reason why the Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Development play a key role on imposing the urban development plan is because all the above-mentioned problems had been ignored for too long that they were almost unsolvable. With the assistance of the central office, those matters will be quickly forwarded to the provincial and ministerial levels. Then, the cabinet will consider them so that an action plan is properly issued and budget is allocated without hesitation.
Editor Note : The above action would be great and certainly boost the image of Hua Hin internationally. Could we have a car free road? – only pedestrians – let´s say after 5 o´clock from Damner Kasem along Naresdamri road (Hilton Road ) ? What a wonderfull thought!