Vana Nava Water Park Officially Approved

Vana Nava Voted Amongst Top 10 Thai Best Tourist Attractions 2015
Vana Nava Voted Amongst Top 10 Thai Best Tourist Attractions 2015

Concerned authorities have recently monitored and inspected the quality and safety of Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin.

On 2 May 2016, at 10.30 a.m., the Minister of the Prime Minister Office of Thailand ML. Panadda Dissakul, the Director General of the Consumer Protection Commission Mr. Amphol Wongsiri, the Prachuab Khirikhan Governor Dr. Thawee Narissirikul, and the Hua Hin mayor Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, paid an official visit to the Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin to inspect its safety. On this occasion, Ms. Praoput Liptapanlop, a member of the Water Park’s executive board, gave a summary report. According to Ms. Praoput, Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin is a good model that provides safety via high technology and human resources, especially 160 lifeguards, one of whom provides assistance and help to visitors along the 5-meter range.

Moreover, visitors coming to the Water Park have to undergo safety check before having fun there. Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin also has qualified and experienced technicians to check the area before and after the service every day. In addition, the water system requires inspection and cleaning daily, and wastewater is not released outside, but 3% of it is evaporated. Besides the high technology equipment, the Water Park has nearly 200,000 trees planted throughout the area, in accordance with the American standard of water parks. 2 of the executives are experts in safety technique, and work with the ones from the US on safety control at the Water Park. Ms. Praoput added that the main objective of the Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin was to provide modern recreation to Thais and foreigners. During the first four months, over 500,000 people visited it. So, the Water Park is considered an area that promotes water sport, local community development and tourism in Thailand. According to ML. Panadda, the safety inspection at Vana Nava Water Park was done following the Prime Minister’s policy to monitor amusement parks and water parks in Thailand. Actually, every amusement park and water park in Thailand is inspected on the regular basis under the measure of the Ministry of Interior. This water park had an accident of some visitors, so the owners need to enhance safety measures to protect visitors and prevent other accidents in the future. The inspectors and authorities announced that the Vana Nava Water Park Hua Hin had international safety standards, apart from beautiful design and effective work of the staff there. The visitors are also pleased with the excellent quality provided. So, the executives of the Water Park were asked to maintain the good quality for sake of all visitors’ safety and well-being.