Vana Nava’s New General Manager;

Vana Nava’s New General Manager;
Vana Nava’s New General Manager;

He’s All About Water If surfing, scuba diving, yachting and Water Park Management dominate your interests, there’s one very clear theme and it’s all about water!

Tim Mow hails from San Diego in California and entered the amusement industry in 1986 as a summer holiday lifeguard at Oasis Water Resort in Palm Springs. His resume includes working through operational ranks to take on roles in park operations, maintenance and development in facilities such as: Raging Waters, San Dimas, Wild Rivers, Irvine, and Knott’s Soak City USA, San Diego, all in California. He has also been the Director of Engineering at Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai for the five years prior to joining Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi in 2009 as Assistant Park Manager. Tim has overseen that waterpark’s construction from the ground-up, including working on ride design and installation, as well as innovative technology upgrades.

Tim’s been a Thailand visitor for many years and taking on the position at Vana Nava has allowed him to combine his waterpark expertise with a love of Thai culture and just one more thing; leaving the extensive Arabian desert sands behind. One of the possible new products being considered for Vana Nava, which is popular amongst the patrons in the UAE is the burkini (or burqini). This is a type of swimsuit for women; the suit covers the whole body except the face, the hands and the feet, while being light enough for swimming. The design is intended to accord with Islamic traditions of modest dress. Tim figures that the tendency for Thai people to remain covered to avoid sun exposure and tanning could make this a top-seller at Vana Nava.

At 6’6” (or 198 cm) Tim towers over most locals. He described going to a shop in Pranburi where the locals were somewhat overawed; “they looked at me as if I was some sort of alien” he quipped. Tim has been joined in Hua Hin by his wife Salina who he met and married in the UAE. Tim says “She is Egyptian but has never been to Egypt!” Salina is apparently a fitness and health aficionado, who has relished the facilities at True Arena. Away from the world of waterparks, Tim looks for the open ocean with a 53 foot Jeanneau cruising yacht currently birthed in Phuket. He also admitted that some time ago a short-lived “sea change” away from the industry was as a diver at off-shore oil rigs; the water theme continued! Vana Nava’s second year anniversary celebrations have been put on hold during the current period of mourning in Thailand, but when the time is right Vana Nava will be letting everyone know. However the usual thrills and spills are being experienced at the park. We welcome Tim and his wife to the Hua Hin community in the knowledge that whilst the water is often on his mind; he’s certainly not “wet behind the ears”!