Walter Camenisch; Creator of the ‘Manora Family’

Walter Camenisch; Creator of the ‘Manora Family’
Walter Camenisch; Creator of the ‘Manora Family’

There’s a large signboard on display as you enter the Manora Company offices showing Managing Director Walter Camenisch, employees and his own family all described as members of the Manora family.

The family theme comes through loud and strong when considering the Manora business operations and meeting with MD Walter. After commencing the business on 22nd July 1998, the company now has around 40 fulltime ‘family members’ who keep the Manora Villages running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. It’s not unusual for the foreign operators of businesses in Thailand to have difficulty securing the loyalty of Thai staff.

That’s not an issue for Walter with a respectful approach and treating them as his own family. It’s certainly not the ‘master and servant’ approach adopted by some. Attending the 20th anniversary of his business revealed a display of affection and enthusiasm by staff and contractors as well as clients past and present joining the celebrations. Walter is the highest profile member of the Manora family joining activities such as the ‘Khao Tao Clean Up Day’ to keep the community clean and green, the Manora Village Golf Day and Loy Krathong to introduce Manora residents to Thai culture.

He doesn’t need to avoid or ignore any concerns of the residents; they are few and far between and managed with renowned Swiss hospitality and efficiency. Walter is a considered and thoughtful Swiss national with a twinkle in his eye. His background before moving with his Thai wife Phitsamai and family to Hua Hin some 30 years ago, followed university studies in linguistics, the Arts and a short career as a teacher. That move wasn’t always plain sailing. With little more than personal luggage and minimal financial resources, he needed to ride the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990’s before astute land purchases, management acumen and being in the ‘right place at the right time’ led to the success of the three stages of the Manora development with a total of 99 luxury villas completed.

That’s a deliberate number in recognition of the significance of the number 9 to the Thai people’s reverence to the late King Rama IX. The name ‘Manora’ is also a reference to the Thai culture that Walter enjoys and respects. “Pra Suthon – Manora” is a famous epic love story as the tale of ‘Kinnaree Manora’, a goddess in Thai mythology who appeared as half woman half swan and could fly or shed her wings to assume human form as she pleased. Walter is an optimist about the future of Hua Hin with the Thai royal heritage being just one of the attractions. One insight Walter offered was how European visitors from a county with a royal history understand the importance of this heritage and feel ‘at home’ sharing these values. He believes that offering security and attention to matters such as health and safety but with the opportunity to experience the culture of Thailand is the key to the appeal of Hua Hin. Walter says that the development of Hua Hin now means that every service and shopping need is available with further infrastructure development and rapid transport links soon to complete the picture.

The areas where improvements are required are traffic management, the poor conditions of secondary roads and water drainage. With effective marketing he believes that it is a matter of time before Hua Hin takes the next step to become Thailand’s premier destination for tourists and new residents. Completion of the Manora 3 village in December 2017 and successful property sales means that it’s now time for Walter to reflect, consider future development opportunities, but also time to re-launch the Manora Real Estate arm of the business. Walter is justifiably proud that his personal values and goals have become a part of the company culture with customers treated with respect, honesty and integrity to build an unrivalled reputation in the area of real estate and property development.

Becoming a member of the Manora family will always a rewarding experience. About Manora Village About Manora Properties