Waste Management Campaign at Boh Fai School

Ban Boh Fai School Wins Zero Waste Award
Ban Boh Fai School Wins Zero Waste Award

In 2004 the Boh Fai Municipal School launched a waste management campaign, starting with a bank to recycle waste and garbage with the main objective to promote waste selection and separation prior to dumping.

This campaign has been extended from the school to the students’ homes with the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion awarding it a HRH Princess Sirindhorn trophy in 2015. Realising the importance of the campaign, the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion wanted to encourage the active cooperation of the community where the school is situated to raise awareness about waste management among Thai people, reducing the amount of dumped garbage and promote recycling it wisely. The Department has now approved a project to establish 9 learning centres about waste management at Boh Fai School and community. On 10th November, the Zero Waste School Learning Centre was officially opened at Boh Fai School by Mr. Ratchada Suryakul na Ayudhaya, the Director General of the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and the Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul. The Hua Hin Mayor said that setting up the learning centre at Boh fai School integrated education about environmental conservation and promoted the participation of students and teachers.

He also said that the amount of garbage increases every day and sustainable waste management is needed with the cooperation of public and private organisations. Finally, the Mayor would like Hua Hin people to take greate care of the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling garbage wisely before dumping it. To promote waste free zones in Hua hin, students should realise the impact of waste on the environment and practice selfdiscipline about environmental protection.