Water sports in Hua Hin



Hua Hin is recognized as a famous beach resort. The beach is beautiful with granite boulders, white sand and palm trees and is very well facilitated with bars, restaurants, parasols, sun chairs and numerous hawkers selling their fresh fruits, grilled eggs, souvenirs and on-the-beach massages to beach lovers and sun worshipers alike. The beach runs all the way from the Hilton Hotel to Monkey Mountain in Khao Takieb, which is approximately 5 kilometres in length. Therefore, the selection of water sports is first class.

Whether you like your water sports fast or slow, risky or safe, there is something here for you to do and enjoy.If you want to take it a little easy, and maybe you had a heavy night drinking and dancing in the great selection of bars and clubs the night before, you can leisurely swim in the clear sea or you can drift around in the sea snorkeling looking for fishes in the warm shallow water that laps against the shoreline. You can also hire a kayak and steadily make your way along the coastline enjoying the views of the beach.

Maybe, your previous evening was very relaxed and you want something just that little faster? No problem, you can ride a friendly Thai horse while splashing through the water’s edge up and down the palm-fringed beach or maybe even jump on a banana boat and try to hold on as you bob up and down in the sea. But, what if your evening was spent sleeping and you wake up with a need for even more speed?

OK, it may be time for some thrilling jet skiing out in the deeper water or even, if you want speed and a little height at the same time, you may want to consider the ever-increasingly popular aerial sport that is kite boarding.

Kite boarding is probably one of the more popular water sports in Hua Hin. Between the months of January and May, warm winds usually blow up from the south providing perfect winds for this aerial sport. These months attract kite boarders from all corners of the globe as they descend on the beach resort town with their kite equipment packed into their rucksacks. Some of these guys are professional and semi-professional.

From the shoreline, they are amazing to watch as they rocket along the water and then fire up metres into the sky before landing safely back down on the water.If you are one of many who would love to try the sport but never have, there are some good schools available. Kite Boarding Asia (KBA), One2kite and KiteThailand all offer lessons by experienced, certified instructors.

These schools are very well managed, are very friendly and helpful and are always willing to offer advice on not only learning to kite board but also on where to go in Hua Hin for nightlife, food and for recommending some good hotels and guesthouses to stay in. Courtesy of Thaivisa.com