Wetter Rainy Season Predicted Later this Year

Wetter Rainy Season Predicted Later this Year
Wetter Rainy Season Predicted Later this Year

Thailand could see 10% more rainfall than usual during this year’s rainy season with Andaman coastal provinces and eastern areas being warned of particularly heavy downpours, says the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

TMD director-general Wanchai Sakudomchai said Thailand officially enters the rainy season this week due to the influence of southwesterly winds.

The country will likely see above-average rainfall overall this year and he warned people across the country to expect torrential rain in September and October. However, the rain will be lighter or it may even be relatively dry from June to August, said Mr Wanchai. In this rainy season, heavy downpours could hit the Andaman coastal provinces, such as Ranong, Phang Nga and Krabi, as well as the eastern provinces of Chanthaburi and Trat, according to Mr Wanchai.

Currently, a westerly wind from Myanmar has hit the North and upper Northeast. That would bring high rainfall to both regions between August and September, he noted. A southeasterly wind has brought humidity from the Gulf of Thailand to the Northeast, East, Central Plains and South, with thundershowers and isolated heavy rain across those areas expected.

As the country enters the rainy season, some provinces already experienced summer storms earlier this month. Storms were also seen in the capital as heavy rainfall drenched some parts of the city. Meanwhile, farmers in several northeastern provinces have started ploughing their rice fields in preparation for the coming harvest.