Wooden Shutters in Hua Hin; Fashionable Then & Fashionable Now

Wooden Shutters in Hua Hin; Fashionable Then & Fashionable Now
Wooden Shutters in Hua Hin; Fashionable Then & Fashionable Now

Wood shutters are not new innovations for window treatments in Thailand or internationally. They became a feature of royal palaces which have stood the test of time and remain to the present date. For a hot Asian climate, moveable shutters evolved in place of walls, to create ‘breezeways’ for cooling air.

Khun Sangsarn can demonstrate all the benefits of wood shutters at the Hua Hin showroom After a ‘fashion recess’, wood shutters have again emerged to compliment the expansive windows and doors that are also in favour. Although a heavy curtain can block out the world when it’s fully closed, there’s little control of the light, air and vision for any uncovered section of window.

These are major features that adjustable shutter blades offer. There are also the issues of dust, cleaning and deterioration from the elements that effect curtains. Unlike wood shutters, curtains are really temporary fashion items which are not intended for the long term as a valueadding retro-fitted fixture. Sangsarn Ansavananda from the Fine Wood Shutter Company is a US trained interior designer who discovered wood shutters in that country. Combine those experiences with a love of wood and the establishment of this specialist wood shutter company followed more than ten years ago.

Each stage of the process takes place ‘within house’ to ensure attention to detail and the quality of the final and fully installed product. No short cuts or sub-contracting at any stage for complete quality control. The company manufactures wooden blades and other components from the rough sawn timber into custom made shutters at their Bangkok facilities.

Fine Wood Shutters are the epitome of long-lasting fashion and function The quality on offer has had international recognition with commercial clients to clients in overseas countries such as India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In Thailand clients have included five star hotels and resort such as Rayavadee Hotel & Resort in Krabi and Bann Thai Hotel & Resort in Phuket as well as luxury apartments such as Center Point Wittayu, Center Point Thonglo and the Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri (527 guest rooms, over 20,000 square metres).

The owners of Hua Hin’s more elegant and stylish homes and commercial premises are very fortunate to have direct access to a professional design, manufacturing and installation service which can provide all the benefits of this time-honoured product. Khun Sangsarn spends time in both Bangkok and Hua Hin so we would suggest making an appointment if you really want to discuss wood shutters with an expert.

He can show you complete displays and examples of the company’s impressive record of customer projects.

For more information visit www.finewoodshutter.com, www.facebook.com/finewoodshutter
Email: info@finewoodshutter.com
Hua Hin Location: 146/60 Phetchakasim Road (heading past Vana Nava; another 500 metres on the left side of the main road.)
The Bangkok Showroom is on Sukhumvit 47. Phone: 032 900 542