Yoga Flow in Hua Hin

Yoga Flow in Hua Hin
Yoga Flow in Hua Hin

The Yoga Festival in Hua Hin on the Beach became a beautiful opportunity for the young and old, the experienced ones and beginners to get into the flow of Yoga. Thanks to the TAT, G hotels Hua Hin, Shakti Yoga, Surf Spot and Bangkok Hospital who were the driving force behind the promotion of yoga on the beach of which was well received by the public .A beautiful sight it was , with all participants doing yoga on Hua Hin beach with waves gently producing a mantra to support the yoga enthusiasts.

Hua Hin has developed quite some yoga studios throughout the past ten years. New teachers and different types of yoga has given their clients the opportunity to choose the one that works for them. Let’s have a quick look how many types of yoga studios often combined with Pilates are situated in Hua Hin. We have at least 12 yoga /Pilates studios in Hua Hin alone ,not even mentioning studios in the area around Hua Hin.

The options to be in an air-conditioning room or/ and in the open air are both available .Looking into the different ways of practicing Yoga ,the most available are Kundalini ,Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga and even within these, there are many diverse ways to follow these most practiced streams of yoga. Most experienced teachers will coach you and slowly you will find a type of yoga that works for you. Yoga is seen extremely beneficial on many levels especially for your mind and your body. Both go hand in hand on your journey discovering what good it does to practice yoga on a regular basis. The flow is a connection between your breathing and exercise at the same time.

Meaning you do your movements based on breathing in and out and your body is in a constant flow resulting in a total workout for your body and mind. Once you have embarked on this voyage you will find yourself that there is no turning back. Yoga is a lifestyle that can change the way you walk, breath and even eat. Something one should certainly put on the to-do-list!