The Zaithong Organic Farm & Cafe and the Charming Pran Sea Side

The Zaithong Organic Farm & Cafe and the Charming Pran Sea Side
The Zaithong Organic Farm & Cafe and the Charming Pran Sea Side

Over the past month, I’ve been struggling to travel elsewhere it seems that we have to be careful about everything. Even though I myself have been wandering around in the area not far from Hua Hin. But I still encountered many inconveniences, which I was constantly worrying about whether the person who I conversed is infected or not.

Even those food that we have to be very careful, which we keep peeking on the cook that they wore a mask, a glove or not because it is very important for them to keep the hygiene, which makes the less enjoying of fun of travelling. But it doesn’t stop me from hang out to see around because I’m a travel enthusiast.

Last month, we went to visit ‘The Zaithong Organic Farm & Cafe‘ in Pranburi, it was officially opened in the beginning of this year. They were in Khao Tao before and now they had moved to new place in Pranburi but a much bigger than it was before with 6.5 Rai of their own farmland. The farm more extensive ‘farm-size’ plot and have more selection of salads greens and also so many other variety vegetables and some Thai herbs.

This place is very suitable for families to take your children and let them to explore the natural life of the farm which has pets for children to see, including chickens, ducks, fish and if your children want to experience riding a water buffalo, it will bring a lot of fun for them as well, even you can take a basket and select your own salad choice from the garden then bring it to staff and make your own salad style.

Zaithong Organic Farm also supplying Hua Hin restaurants with their salad greens, fresh vegetables and also various Thai herbs. And what their outstanding product that my family loves to buy from their farm is the eggs which their eggs are fresh and taste very good, tell you! This place can be a recreational experience for the family especially for children, we visited the farm in the late afternoon because it is not too hot and we can enjoy with the coffee break at the place.

ZAITHONG ORGANIC FARM & CAFÉ is around 16 kilometers south of Hua Hin
Open: 9 am to 6 pm everyday
Contact: phone 098 965 9441
More information: Facebook Zaithong organicfarm

After we spent 2 hours at the farm, we went next to Pranburi Beach, which we have planned before to have dinner at the beach which the vendor will supply the food along the beach and will have many types of food for you to select. You should better find a parking space and then take a walk to enjoy with a nice sea breezy in the evening and fill your lungs with inhale pure ozone like we did.

We enjoyed walking, choosing a little bit of different food, then walked to a seat on the beach side and sat down to eat and drink that we had chosen. The day we went was on Saturday which was a bit crowded but most of them were people living in Pranburi area and some from Hua Hin.

The atmosphere was very good and there were also have a playing open-hat musicians to play the music to the tourists as well. But if you don’t like eating street food on the beach pavement, which you can find some restaurants along the beach which there are quite many choices and one that I would recommend is Luna La Pran, which they serve delicious healthy food to satisfy the health lovers.

By selecting quality ingredients and calculating calories for each menu such as Salmon Carpaccio, Quinoa Salad, French Chicken Roll, Grilled Sea bass fillet, with a starting price of only 220 baht per menu!

LUNA LA PRAN RESTAURANT operating time from 11.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. Reserve your seat in advance, call 032 909900 ext. 3135.