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Thailand is Striving to Becoma ASEAN Medical Equipment Hub

The Industry Ministry is planning to position Thailand as the production hub for medical equipment and health products in the ASEAN region, by 2020....

Medical Insurance

Most westerners are fortunate to have obligatory medical insurance. When you are in Thailand, see to it that cash or credit cards are always...

Dear Medical tourism facilitators, Travel Agent, Corporate or Government Agent

If you're considering doing business with healthcare and wellness providers in Thailand, the Thailand Medical & Wellness Familiarization Trip 2013 is the event for...

Thailand a Top Hub of Business, Leisure and Medical Travel

Thailand continues to be celebrated as a world-class travel destination, whether for business, leisure or medical care. Offering excellent infrastructure, reliable full service and...

Litigation in Thailand

The Legal System of Thailand and Medical Malpractice  Thailand is a civil law country. While most laws are codified, the general principles of equity are...