Foreigners must use Covid-19 app when travelling to Thailand

PHOTO: Digital Government Development Agency

Foreign travelling to Thailand will need to download the Covid-19 contact tracking mobile application “ThailandPlus” before coming to Thailand and use it throughout their stay.

During their trip to Thailand, tourists will need to keep the app on and check-in and out of numerous location by scanning QR codes.

The app requires access to the smartphone’s GPS but the Tourism Authority of Thailand says the information collected will only be used for public health purposes and will not infringe on the tourists’ right to privacy.

Travellers will also need to upload a recent headshot as well as supply their Certificate of Entry number and reference ID from the Royal Thai Embassy.

The app is a spinoff to the “Thai Chana” and “Mor Chana” apps. All use GPS and Bluetooth as well as QR code scanning to detect the users’ locations.

Source: The Thaiger