No. 1 Insurance Company Founded in Hua Hin


Coverage insurance in Hua Hin 1


A first rated insurance company of Thailand has lately been officially opened in Hua Hin, asking concerned public officers and Hua Hin Hospital staff to inform it of any insurers who were injured or killed from motorcycle accident so that compensation will be immediately paid to them or their relatives.


The director of the Claims Department to Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd. (RVP) Mr. Somchai Sudsanorh said that the company’s headquarters was located in Bangkok and there were many branches throughout Thailand. Providing coverage for motorcycle insurance, the company already gave such insurance to a total of 13 million motorcycles in Thailand. The range of insurance payment varies: 161-323 Baht per year for a motorcycle of 75-125 CCs. and 376-645 Baht per year for a motorcycle of 125-150 CCs. or motor taxis.


Once an insurer completes insurance application, he/she will receive 15,000 Baht for medical treatment at hospital in case of road accident. The RVP also provides 50,000 Baht compensation if an insurer is injured from road accident and 200,000 Baht for the insurer’s relatives in case of death from road accident. In addition, the company will pay the insurer 200 Baht on medical treatment at hospital every day, but no more than 20 days.


At present, 23-30 people are killed from motorcycle accident on the road in Thailand, whereas 1,700 are injured. The death rate from motorcycle accident is higher than any death rate from other diseases and illnesses. Therefore, the RVP has to pay compensation to its insurers or their relatives almost every day.


In Prachuab Khirikhan, there is a branch of RVP in Muang District. Since the rate of motorcycle accident is increasingly high in Hua Hin, a new branch of RVP was set up at Hua Hin Hospital. The company is now asking members of Sawang Hua Hin Foundation, police officers, the media and especially staff of Hua Hin Hospital to inform it of any road accident involving motorcycles so that its insurers or their relatives will receive financial support right away.


The RVP is a public company with the Finance Ministry taking care of its policy and practices, said Mr. Somchai.