Cha-Am 13th – 22nd September

The Cha-Am Municipality, in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Singha Corporation, is hosting the 15th Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Catching in Cha-Am from 13th to 22nd September 2013.

Initiated in 1999 by the Mayor of Cha-Am Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri, this annual festival aims to promote tourism in Cha-Am during the low season. The Festival highlights squid catching with visitors being encouraged to join ‘the catch’ in a hands on way.

Usually this Festival is held on the second Saturday of September and lasts for nine days. However the TAT is organising a tourism campaign to promote traveling to Five Regions in Thailand between 13th and 15th September 2013.  The Festival will coincide with this TAT promotion this year.

The Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Catching Festival attracts as many as 36,000 visitors every year who are attracted to one of the most famous beachfront cities in Thailand. Over the years the organisers have maintained a high standard to ensure that all activities are very colourful and interesting.

This year’s highlight include:

Fresh seafood for sale on the beach

Concerts with concert of famous Thai singer every night

Squid catching in the evening and grilling squid on the beach.

Free guided bird watching in the morning and late afternoon at Thung Takad Phlee and the Khao Nang Panturat National Park.

Speed boat racing

Fishing Competitions


The Festival is organised during the rainy season because this is this is the high season for catching squid.

Many birds are migrating from other parts of the world at this time of the year and visitors will see a lot of local and migrating birds near swamps and in the foothills.

This Festival is one of the big events on the Cha-Am tourism calendar aiming to attract visitors during the low season.


Our spies tell us that most visitors don’t really eat shells; only shell fish!