3rd Prince Narathip Festival in Cha-Am in October


3rd commemorate the Naradhip.4

The Cha-Am Municipality, in cooperation with the community of Sahakham, vendors and business owners around Cha-Am beaches, is hosting a festival to commemorate Prince Narathip Praphanphong on 11th October 2013 at Cha-Am beach viewpoint. This event aims to honour the Father of Cha-Am who dedicated himself to urban planning in Cha-Am.

Taking place on 11th October, the day when the Prince passed away, the 3rd Prince Narathip Festival features many Buddhist ceremonies to pay homage to the Father of Cha-Am, particularly alms offering to Buddhist monks and making some offerings to the spirit of the Prince at his shrine. The Sahakham community members will perform a classical Thai dance when both local people and tourists pay respect to the shrine throughout the day.

The 56th of 84 princes of King Rama IV and Chao Chom Manda Khien, Prince Narathip led royal family members and the Thai elite to improve Cha-Am and introduce systematic urban planning to the city. He was also appointed the first leader of the Sahakham community because local people in Cha-Am respected him very highly. The Prince passed away on 11th October 1931.  In 2011 the Prince Narathip Festival was held to remind local people of his great contribution to the city. This event was then officiated as an annual event and has taken place for the past three consecutive years.